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How to understand my bill

Received a bill higher than expected? A number of factors could have contributed to the unexpected increase. Check out our high bill checklist below to see what might be contributing to the increase in your usage.

High bill checklist

The purpose of this checklist is to help identify reasons why a bill may have increased

What has the weather been like?

Cold weather can lead to higher energy bills in the winter and hot weather can lead to higher bills in the summer. Comparing your energy bills for the same time last year is a good way to check if there are similarities with usage during a specific season.

Any extra people at home?

Have visitors staying over? Taking a break from work? School holidays or even a new baby? The more people at home, the more energy is being used.

Any new or old appliances?

Have you purchased any new appliances or are there any old appliances around your home? These appliances could be the cause of your energy increase. Appliances can account for approximately 30% of home energy use. Poor maintenance and old appliances will significantly use more energy than newer appliances. Choosing a high energy efficiency star rating appliance will definitely help with bringing those costs down. For more information head to energyrating.gov.au.

Are you renovating? 

Builders or contractors working on your property? Renovations generally cause a spike in our usage. New appliances, more lighting and power points may be less energy efficient or you may just have more of them in your newly renovated home causing an increase in ongoing usage. For more information head to energyrating.gov.au.

Have you checked your read?

If we cannot access your meter or have billed you before the scheduled read we have to estimate your usage. The reading will reflect as an ‘E’ (estimated) on your bill. Once we receive an actual read, your account and bills will be adjusted. Don’t want an estimated read, not to worry, you can submit a self read here. If you notice there are any other discrepancies with your meter reading please chat with us online.

Moved houses?

Noticed an increase in your energy usage at your new home? Your new home may use different appliances for heating and cooling that may be less energy efficient then your old home. If your new home is larger and has more lights, power points or has a different hot water system then your old home, it is more than likely your energy usage will increase. Your new home could be in a different distribution zone, affecting your energy bill costs.

Have your concession details been applied?

Eligible for a concession rebate? Have you provided us your concession details? If we have your concession details, we will have this reflect on your applicable bills. If you would like to provide us your concession details please contact us here. For more information please visit our concessions page.

Has a previous bills balance been carried forward?

Was your previous bill paid? Any unpaid amounts from previous bills are carried forward to your next bill and will reflect as an extra charge.

Were you billed for a longer period?

Your billing period may be longer than normal then usual. When comparing your bills, check that your comparing it with a bill with the same number of days in the billing period.

Did your account plan end?

Is it time to renew or sign up to a new plan? If your plan has ended then it's time to select one to help reduce your energy bills. For more information send us a message below and one of our friendly team members will get back to you. 

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