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Why is my concession not reflecting on my bill?

We are sorry to hear your concession may have not been applied. There are a number of reasons  why your concession may not be reflecting on your bill. Ensuring we have your correct concession details is important, as this will allow us to apply the concession to your account without skipping a beat!

Here are some checks you can do: 

  • have a look at your bill breakdown to ensure the concession is not reflecting. 
  • check your eligibility to ensure you are eligible for a concession.
    Head to our Concessions & Rebates page for more information on concession eligibility and application process.
  • check to see if you have received an email from us advising your concession has been removed.
    The notification should advise of any reasons why your concession may have been removed and the next steps.

Not sure where to start or simply need a hand? No worries - leave us a message below and one of our friendly team members will investigate the matter for you. 

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