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Submitting a self read

Submitting a self read is a fast and an easy way to always ensure your bills are correct and up to date. We recommend submitting a self read once a month - 5 business days of your next billing issue date.

Unsure when your bill will be issued? Not to worry, we will let you know when your self read is due to be submitted. To submit a self read, send us a message below with your meter read and a corresponding photo and we will have your account updated right away!

Not sure where to start? Head to Understanding your meter for more information.

To submit a self read, send us a photo of your meter reading by leaving a message below.

Do I need to submit a self read ?

Smart meters send meter readings to us automatically - if you have a smart meter you don't need to provide meter readings at all, the smart meter takes care of that all by itself. Smart huh?

If you have a basic meter - we recommend providing us with regular meter readings when you can (at least 5 business days before your next scheduled bill issue date) so we can work out exactly what energy you've used so that you do not pay more or less! If we end up estimating your reads without being supplied an actual read, the estimates may drift out of line with your real usage. If the estimated readings are lower than your actual usage, your account balance may increase when we obtain an actual read - understandable causing bill shock.

What if I do not provide a self read before my bill is issued ?

We understand life can get pretty busy and you may not submit your read in time. If we have not received a self read in time, we'll create your bill by estimating the amount of energy you've used since your last actual meter read.

If you have received a bill with an estimated read, check the read on your bill. If the read is in line, your self read will update your account and the changes will reflect on your next bill.

If you are concerned that we have over estimated your bill and would like to have your bill corrected, contact one of our staff members by sending us a message below and we will happily have your bill amended and re issued in a Jiff!

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