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What do I do if my meter is making a noise?

Electricity meters do not tend to make any noise. If you are hearing any humming, ticking or other noises, contact your distributors faults line and they will arrange for someone to attend your property to inspect your meter. If it found that your meter is faulty, it will need to be replaced.

Get in touch with your Distributor, who will attend your property to take a look.

New South Wales 


t: 13 13 88

w: Outages web page


t: 13 10 03

w: Outages web page


t: 13 20 80

w: Outages web page



t: 13 62 62

w: Outages web page

South Australia

SA Power Networks

t: 13 13 66

w: Outages web page

If you are unsure of who your distributor please refer to your bill which will outline who you distributor is.

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