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I have no power, why?

There are many reasons why you may be affected by a power outage in your area - from planned maintenance to unexpected outages due to severe weather conditions, traffic accidents or technical issues.

Check your neighbours lights, are they off too? If they are, your area is more than likely experiencing an outage. Refer to the below to get in touch with your distributor who can shed more light on the issue.

If you are unsure of who your distributor is, refer to your bill which will outline the distributor for your specific property.

New South Wales


t: 13 13 88

w: Outages web page


t: 13 10 03

w: Outages web page


t: 13 20 80

w: Outages web page



t: 13 62 62

w: Outages web page

South Australia

SA Power Networks

t: 13 13 66

w: Outages web page



t: 13 12 80

w: Outages web page


t: 13 24 12

w: Outages web page


t: 13 17 99

w: Outages web page


t: 13 20 99

w: Outages web page


t: 13 16 26

w: Outages web page

If your home is the only one affected, there may be other reasons why:

  • In the process of becoming an OVO Energy customer but not quite there yet? Your previous retailer may be aware that you have no power. We recommend getting in touch with them.
  • Disconnected? Received any disconnection letter? Missed billing payments may result in your property being disconnected.
  • Electrical fault? We recommend speaking with an electrician after confirming that the cause of your loss of supply is not due to an outage or disconnection, as they can cost money.

If you are unsure of the cause, or would like to discuss the issue, chat to one of our friendly team members.

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