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I have life support. How do I prepare for an outage?

There may be scenarios where a planned outage is scheduled to occur within your area.

Whilst properties registered as having life support equipment come with protections, it does not guarantee you a continuous power supply.

Our promise, to notify you four business days prior to any planned outages initiated by us.

However unplanned outages occur from time to time for reasons outside of our control, such as extreme weather conditions or a traffic accident near your property.

Preparing for a power outage

Where an unplanned outage occurs, your distributor will ensure they make arrangements to ensure your power is reconnected as soon as possible. Whether the outage is planned or unplanned, we encourage to have a plan of action in place.

Here is a list of some things you can do to ensure your action plan is ready to go;

  • Regularly check the back-up battery of your Life Support equipment to ensure it's is fully charged and keep a source of backup power
  • Keep your mobile phone charged at all times
  • Always ensure that you have up to date contact details for your doctor, family and friends and have made prior arrangements in case of an emergency
  • Subscribe to your Distributors outage notifications (where applicable)
  • Call 000 to request an ambulance if the situation is life threatening

It is important to always ensure we have your up to date contact details, just in case we need to get in touch! 

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