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Moving house

Moving into a property and need your power connected? We've got you covered.

Head to our Quote & Switch journey to arrange a connection in under 3 minutes. Getting your power connected has never been easier.

Important information: If you require life support equipment, it is important that you let us know right away. Chat to one of our team members below.

How soon can I have my power connected?

We recommend letting us know as early as possible before your move date, however we understand it can be a busy time.

Let us know by 1pm Monday to Friday at the latest so we can arranged to have your property connected on the next business day.

How do I ensure my connection runs smoothly?

Ensuring there is safe and clear access to your meter will ensure that we have you connected in no time.

Here are some checks you can do;

  • Any locked gates are left unlocked or open. If you cannot provide clear access, we recommend attending the property on the day of the connection to provide the technician access to your meter.
  • Any little furry friends are restrained or kept indoors. 
  • All hazards are removed, this may include any objects obstructing the path to your meter.

If you are unsure where your meter is located or how to provide clear access on the day, have a chat to your real estate agent, building manager or body corporate who may be able to lend you a hand.

How will I know when my power is connected?

To confirm if your connection has been completed, flick your main switch to the ON position (along with any other smaller switches on your switchboard). If there is still no power, flick all your switches back to the OFF position.

In most cases, connections are completed prior to 5:30 pm, however there may be circumstances where your connection can be completed anytime up until midnight.

Do I need to be home?

No, you do not need to be present at the time of the connection.

If your meter is behind a locked gate or in a secure location where clear access cannot be gained, we recommend being present on the day of the connection so that you can provide the technician attending your property access to your meter.

I'm moving out of a property, do I need to arrange a disconnection? 

Yes- we recommend contacting the retailer currently supplying electricity to the property you are moving from to arrange a disconnection. This will ensure you are not charged after moving out from your property

Are there any fees involved?

Your distributor may charge a connection fee when moving into a new property if the meter at the property has recently been disconnected. To see applicable fees, please visit our Fees page.

Want to ensure your connection is still going ahead as planned? Chat to one of our team members below and we can look into this for you. 

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