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Does OVO Energy offer a Solar feed in tariff?

OVO Energy currently offers a Solar Feed-in-tariff to Net Metered customers in Queensland, with a Solar PV system under 5kW installed capacity. To find out more about OVO Energy’s Solar feed in tariffs, and the rates we’ll pay in your state, head to our Pricing page.

Note: We're working on a NSW solar feed-in-tariff and expect to launch this later in 2020. If you are a Solar customer, below are some key points when considering the switch to OVO Energy.

What size is my Solar PV system?

Are you moving into a property or renting somewhere and you’re unsure how big the solar PV system connected to the property is? We recommend getting in touch with your landlord, real estate agent or the property owner to confirm the specifics of the solar system at your property, but as a guide, a 5kW solar system typically has 15 - 20 solar panels on a 25 - 35 m2 roof.

Are your rates different for Solar customers?

We offer the same great rates to Solar and non-Solar customers for the energy that they consume on-site, that comes to the property from the grid.

Gross vs Net Metering

What is Gross metering?

Gross metering means that your solar panels are connected directly to the grid and the entire output of your system is exported to the grid on a predetermined feed-in tariff. Solar customers on a gross metering scheme continue to receive and pay for the energy that they use at their property as per usual; all of their electricity used in the home is taken from the grid.

This scheme was very popular during the government sponsored high feed in tariff rates but has now been discontinued in most states. Those customers who still receive gross metering are now being pro-actively encouraged to change to Net Metering (see below for what’s required). Eventually Gross Metering will be a thing of the past.

If you are currently on a gross metered scheme, you will not be able to continue this scheme with OVO Energy.

What is Net metering?

Net metering simply means that your solar panels are connected to both the grid, and your home. This allows the electricity generated by your solar panels to be used in your house first, with any excess generation exported to the grid. 

You won’t pay anything for the electricity you generate and use within your premises. Since your meter can record exactly what you export to the grid, you will be paid a feed-in tariff for anything that you ‘feed-in’ to the grid. This is paid by OVO Energy to you at a set rate per kWh and will appear as a credit to your bill at the end of your billing period. For information on our current feed-in-tariff rates for your state, head to our Plans & Pricing page. 

If you haven’t generated enough electricity to cover your usage you will automatically be supplied electricity from the grid. This ‘incoming’ supply is recorded by your electricity meter, in the more traditional way, and we will charge you for this as per your Market Contract. It’s worth noting, you’ll continue to pay a service to property charge (the daily charges) even if you don’t require any incoming supply.

An example: Your solar panels have generated 10kWh of electricity today, and you have only used 6kWh within your household. The difference (4kWh) is exported to the grid and you are paid a credit of 8 cents per kWh (a total of $0.32). 

The next day, however, you generate just 4kWh, and still use 6kWh on-site. You’ll automatically import 2kWh from the grid, and will be charged by OVO Energy for this. Your next bill will show:

  1. Your supply to property charges (per day)
  2. The charges for any imported electricity (per kWh), and 
  3. A credit for any exported solar generation (per kWh).
Benefits of Net Metering

Net metering allows you to use the electricity generated by your solar panels, in your own home. Because you are using your own energy, you don’t have to pay for it. Less electricity is required from the grid and this results in lower energy bills. Plus, you can also make money on any extra electricity you produce that is fed back into the grid. 

The Gross Metering rates were designed to encourage the uptake of solar panels, but since the uptake of solar panels has dramatically increased, this scheme is being phased out and the focus is shifting to reducing your demand on the grid.

Making the switch to Net Metering

If you are currently on a Gross Metering scheme and would like to make the switch to OVO Energy, in order to get the Solar Feed in Tariff you will need to switch to Net Metering. We do not offer a feed-in-tariff for Gross Metered systems. 

In order to switch to Net Metering, there are a few things we will need to arrange:

  • Once you have successfully transferred to OVO Energy, we will contact you to arrange an appointment to upgrade your meter. 
  • An engineer will visit your property on the agreed date.
  • The process of upgrading your electricity meter (from the old analogue model to a new digital meter) is very straightforward but will require a short interruption to your power for approximately 30 to 60 minutes.
  • You’ll then use any solar generation on-site automatically, with any excess being exported to the grid.
  • We will provide you with any imported supply required from the grid.
  • A credit will appear on your energy bills, if you exported any energy to the grid during the billing period.
Do I need to be home when my new meter is installed?

If you can provide clear and safe access to your meter, you do not have to be present at the time of the meter upgrade. If our meter technicians cannot complete the job due to access issues or further work is required we will let you know.

If there are any access concerns, such as a locked gate or if you would like to arrange an appointment, please let us know by emailing hello@ovoenergy.com.au or by chatting to us through web chat.

How much will it cost?

You will NOT be charged to have a smart meter installed. If the technician attends the property is unable to complete the job because they couldn’t obtain access to your meter or because there was further work required to complete the job, you may be charged a fee.

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